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It’s no news that one constant thing in the business world is change. This change is usually determined by technological innovations and diverse customer demands. No doubt, the outbreak of the pandemic set a great alarm for offline operations. This, in turn, skyrocketed the number of online businesses. With numerous companies competing online and offline, how do you maintain your progress as a entrepreneur?  

This is where Kominiti comes in. Kominiti is a global marketplace and professional social space designed for business owners, freelancers, and job seekers. It is a platform where successful employers get the best talents to work for them while connecting and networking with other forward-thinking professionals on a global scale. Kominiti is designed with special features to make it easy for professionals to navigate the platform.

Let’s look at 4 reasons why you should create an account on Kominiti.

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1. Opportunity to Include Extensive Business Information

Opportunity to Include Extensive Business Information

Upon account creation, you’ll be asked to select an individual or a business account. As an entrepreneur, you’re required to choose the business account category where diverse information about your business will be included. This information gives you exposure. The information includes your business name, image, punchline, about section, year founded, employees size, location, website, mail, phone number, and language. Guess what? After creating your account, you can email your employees directly to add them to the account. This will show the world the people who work for you and put them out there for global opportunities.

2. Access to the Business Card Feature

Access to the Business Card Feature

As a registered owner on Kominiti, you have automatic access to design a personal business card and share it with other professionals on the platform. This means that you don’t necessarily have to upload your card when you can easily create one and spread it around for publicity. Amazing, right?!

3. Flexible Payment Method

Flexible Payment Method for Businesses

For a business owner, the fear of scammers is the beginning of safety. This is why Kominiti designed a payment system whereby your money doesn’t go to the freelancer or job seeker until the work is done and approved by you. So basically, you control your money. After making payment before your freelancer starts working, your money goes into an escrow account and doesn’t get disbursed to the freelancer until you’re satisfied. If there are issues with your results, you have the right to recall the task and put the money on hold until you’re happy with the job.

4. Access to International Communities

Access to International Communities for businesses

A major goal of Kominiti is to connect professionals from all walks of life together. It is designed to bridge the gap between business deals and transactions. As a entrepreneur, you have international communities where you can share your challenges and learn strategies from others. This gives you vast knowledge and maximum confidence in the corporate world.

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Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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