3 Simple Colours That Can Help To Increase Your Sales




Do colours really have the power to affect your sales? Many people who do not know the power of colours in sales constantly ask this question. Colours are one of the things that tend to trigger unexpected changes in us. We react when we see people dressed in a certain colour because of the connotative meaning we have attached to it.

For instance, when we see people dressed in all black, we tend to think they are coming from a funeral or mourning a loved one. Navy blue worn during the interview portrays professionalism. If colours have the power to affect us in this way, the question this brings to mind is; Can they also influence people’s reactions and decisions when they see your product?

Research has shown that about 85% of shoppers mentioned that colour is one thing that attracts them. 65% of customers also won’t patronize a product except if it comes in their preferred colour. While the interpretation of colours often takes two different folds, the good and the bad, your brand colour can help attract more customers when combined accurately. How is this possible?

You can use some specific colours to trigger some emotions in potential customers. How do you make sure you are choosing the right colour combinations? Here is the way to go about it.

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1. Red

Colour Red

In 2005, scientists at the University of Durham confirmed that red is associated with action and winning. One of the reasons why read seems great is because it portrays a sense of urgency, action and strength. At the same time, red could mean power. When it is chosen in a sale letter significantly to trigger the action word “Buy Now,” it works well in propelling readers to take the necessary action.

Since red works effectively for impulse purchases, it is advisable to use it in highlighting the action words “Buy Now, or Get Started Now.”

2. Blue

Colour Blue

There is something serene and soothing about blue. Unlike the urgency and action portrayed by red, blue exhumes the opposite. It is often associated with tranquillity, reliability, seriousness, and trust. This is why financial institutions often use it. Blue can be used to trigger sales when used to address the reader’s anxiety. If you are into Finance, Insurance, or the Medical industry, blue is an effective background colour. When used against a white background, this makes a good combination. 

3. Green

Blue Green

The go-to interpretation of green is associated with nature, the organic, and the environment. You should include it in your sales letter or landing page if your business tilt toward any of these interpretations. Beyond this, you can use green trigger sales if you want your offer to sound like permission and not like something urgent.

Green can be used to boost creativity and make the customer feel like the choice to make the purchase is theirs to make. It sounds less impulsive than red. It is a go-to colour for businesses in consumer electronics.

Choosing the right colour for your brand and sales letter is essential if you are a business owner. This can be used to trigger the right attitude in your customer and make them buy. Colour is highly essential in developing a business. 

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