4 Effective Social Media Tactics for Startups




Social media is one of the best ways to gain visibility for your business. Beyond word of mouth and running ads, social media is undoubtedly an effective tactic for startups. It’s no news that the world has completely gone digital as people now shop online from the comfort of their homes even more than they shop offline. If you can earn your customers’ trust online, chances are you are on the right path to scaling your business. 

However, as effective as social media is, not everyone knows how to use it. Some people think the online world is too jampacked as everybody seems to be selling something. As if this is not enough headache on its own, there are more than a thousand sellers online with the same business as yours. Competing with these people seems like a hard nut to crack. If you are just starting your business and have been wondering how to generate more leads on social media, this post explains four effective tactics to enhance your business growth. 

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1. Have a strategy

Have a strategy for social media

Your strategy is the plan you intend to use to scale your business on social media. This should include what to post, where, and when to post. Also, when creating a strategy for the time to post, set your post at a time people would check online to see what is going on. Except for the younger generation, most people do not go about checking their phones when they wake up. What they do is hurry to go to their workplace. Choose a time when there are more people online. This can be in the evening when people are less busy.

2. Choose the right platform for you

Choose the right platform for your social media

As a starter, you will be tempted to get your business into all platforms, but not everything will work for your kind of business. Research the best platforms for your business type and ensure to utilize the platforms for your benefit maximally. Some of the platforms you can use include Kominiti, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Before you use any social media platform, ensure you also research how much time your target audience spends on it. 

3. Know your audience

Know your audience

Social media promotion for businesses works better when you know your audience and their behavior. It is also essential for you to understand what your audience wants. For instance, if you are in the food business, you might want to research if your target audience wants healthy food, affordable food, or sustainability. In the long run, you will probably find out that your target audience wants more food for less money. While directing your content on promoting your business, ensure to address their needs accordingly. 

4. Grow your audience

Grow your audience

When you know your audience, and what they want, the next stage is growing your audience. In any business, the first place to start is your locality. While covering your locality, research what the outside world wants. A good start is using social media platforms that allow you to reach a wider audience. One of these platforms is Kominiti.

Kominiti is a global marketplace designed to help business owners, startups, SMEs, freelancers, and job seekers accelerate their income. For business owners, you can easily create an account, connect with diverse professionals, and reach a vast market for your business success. This platform is absolutely free. It is also designed with different sections to help simplify the process of making money online and building valuable connections. 

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