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Social media might be the last thing that comes to mind when it comes to generating leads for your business, but, in fact, it should be the first. Businesses using social media platforms to generate leads have a higher sales funnel than those that don’t. There are some start-ups whose major source of lead is social media, and these businesses are thriving today. Getting your business on social media is an effective method of generating leads.

That said, note that when we talk about using social media to generate leads, this is not just about having an online presence for your business. There are platforms designed to make your lead generation journey an effortless one. Let’s look at five of these platforms below:

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1. Facebook

Facebook for social media

As of the second quarter of 2020, the estimated number of active users on Facebook was over 2.7 billion. This is one of the reasons why getting your business on the platform is not just a smart move but an effective way to generate leads. Facebook makes this very easy by creating an avenue for business owners to create a business page on the platform, run some engagements, and like ads for their business page. Once you have grown your business followers up to 100, you can then run your business ad. Having a Facebook business page before running an ad makes Facebook see your business as authentic.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn for social media

LinkedIn is another great platform for business owners. What makes LinkedIn different from Facebook is that it is strictly professional. In fact, more businesses and professionals prefer to go to LinkedIn for business purposes than coming to Facebook. Like Facebook, LinkedIn also has a social space for professional connections and networking. Having your business on this platform is another great way to promote and generate more leads.

3. Instagram

Instagram for social media

One of the things that makes Instagram stand out is that it is one of the best platforms for visual promotions. Users on Instagram are often moved by what they see, not what they read. If you consistently share images and videos about your business on Instagram, in no time, you will start generating leads.

4. Youtube

Youtube for social media

Like Instagram, promoting your business on YouTube is also done by sharing visual content. While graphics and images might work on Instagram, this is not the same with YouTube. YouTube is a video platform. The more you share valuable videos about your business, the more your subscribers grow, and your business thrives. So, if you want to generate leads for your business via YouTube, start posting valuable videos.

5. Kominiti

Kominiti for social media

Although Kominiti is a recent platform, it is designed to enhance the business world. The platform aims to connect business to business while helping start-ups, SMBs, and entrepreneurs generate more leads. It provides an avenue to engage professionally with other business owners on the platform.

As a business owner on Kominiti, you will have an opportunity to create a business card for free. This is especially a great benefit for businesses that are just starting out. You won’t have to spend so much money on creating a card for our business. You will also gain access to a flexible payment method that prevents you from scammers. The fan club feature also enables users to connect with people of similar interests while participating in exciting activities. These activities come with points that are convertible into cash rewards. The social communities also provide users more opportunities to connect with forward-thinking professionals with similar goals. This way, you can get business ideas that improve your business significantly.

If you are a business owner who has yet to register on Kominiti, do so quickly now that it is free. Kominiti is a global marketplace designed to help business owners, freelancers, and job seekers accelerate their income. As a business owner, you can easily create an account, connect with diverse professionals, and reach a vast market for your business success.

To get started, simply visit www.kominiti.com

Kominiti is simplesafe, and secure.

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