3 Things You May Not Know About Kominiti




Kominiti is a fast-growing platform designed to help you take your business and professional relationships to the next level. The vast marketplace on the platform allows business owners from all walks of life to buy and sell their skills and services. Beyond this, the social space allows you to meet business professionals, solution providers, and freelancers. Here you can connect with other users, promote your brand, and build your network. 

Put simply, Kominiti is designed to simplify the process of making money online and building quality professional relationships. Here are 3 unique things you may not know about the platform. 

Kominiti Transaction Process

  • When a buyer patronizes your service on the marketplace or hot deals, the money paid for the transaction is placed in escrow and only released when the client or customer accepts the service rendered. 
  • For every successful transaction on the platform, Kominiti only deducts 10% and pays the rest to the seller’s wallet account.
  • Sellers and buyers on the platform can leave comments and reviews on transactions.
  • As a business owner on the platform, you can create an online business card for your business activities. Want to see how this works? Click here

Note: If you are yet to create your wallet account, you will not be able to complete any business transactions. Click this link to check out the process. 

Is Kominiti legit?


Yes, Kominiti is a legit platform for freelancers, business owners, business professionals, career experts, and job seekers. It has a customer support system that attends to all issues and questions.

  • All transactions on the platform are correctly delivered and recorded.
  • If a seller fails to deliver as and when due, the customer or client can either reach an agreement with the service provider to extend the delivery time or contact the customer support system to ask for a refund. 
  • Registered freelancers are expected to fill out their experience level and educational background. This is to give a buyer an overview of the freelancer’s abilities.
  • Users on the platform control their personal information’s visibility. You can select the kind of information you want to be visible to the public. You can also restrict your information or make it public. It all depends on you.

Kominiti works like a middleman, guaranteeing the smooth flow of business between a seller and a buyer. It connects the two categories and ensures that both sides are duly satisfied.

How to sign up


Kominiti sign up process is pretty simple. All you need to do is go to www.kominiti.com 

Click here to edit your profile and get started.

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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