6 Excellent Tips to Land Clients as a Beginner Freelancer 




Freelancing is one of the most effective ways to achieve work-life balance. Imagine having to choose your clients, be your boss, and work from anywhere you want. A freelance career is full of opportunities. But, despite the gains, landing your first few clients as a beginner freelancer can be challenging. If you are just starting your freelancing career, you might be stuck in the client-search phase longer than expected. 

So, what do you do? How do you find your first client, get reviews, and build a solid career as a freelancer? This article provides profound steps to getting clients without experience as a beginner freelancer. Let’s get right into it. 

1. Start a Website

Beginner Freelancer

Starting a website is one of the best ways to showcase your skills and expertise as a beginner freelancer. This could be in the form of a blog. Fortunately, Medium and WordPress have made it easy for anyone to start a blog. If you have an account on professional platforms like Kominiti and LinkedIn, where your potential clients are, constantly sharing links to content on your website would position you as an expert in your field. 

Creating a website helps you get a custom domain and a professional email address. 

A website makes you look professional, reinforces that you are an expert, and captures the attention of potential customers. It also gives you an easy way of displaying your portfolio and services. 

2. Have the Right Mindset

beginner freelancer

As a beginner freelancer struggling with landing your first clients, imposter syndrome will constantly rear its ugly head. You might feel like one of the reasons you are not getting clients is that you are not good enough. This is not true. Rather than listening to your inner critic that says you are not good enough, believe that you can. Focus on empowering yourself and posting content about your skills on your website. 

The right mindset can affect your dedication to your career as a beginner freelancer. If you do not believe in yourself, you are more likely to fail. As you start your freelancing career, develop a positive mindset and keep growing. 

3. Choose a Niche 

Beginner freelancer

Beginner freelancers are often advised to try out as many skills as they have and choose the one that attracts the first few clients. This is not entirely bad, but choosing a niche is essential if you want to grow fast in your freelancing career.

Choose a problem you want to solve in a market or sector. You cannot be anything to anyone. Choosing a niche also narrows your focus to the skills needed to excel in that niche. This makes it easy for you to learn the skill and position yourself as an expert in the field, find potential clients and land freelance jobs.  

4. Identify Your Skillset

Beginner freelancer

To identify your skillset, 

  • List your current skills and interests; 
  • List other skills needed to excel in your chosen niche;
  • Fill out the gaps in your knowledge by learning ruthlessly. 

Simple and effective.

5. Offer Free or Discounted Services

Beginner freelancer

I’m not a fan of offering your services for free, especially when you are just starting the business. However, let’s look at the bright side of doing this. 

  • You get the actual hands-down experience you can add to your portfolio;
  • If you offer a volunteer position, you are most likely working with people who have more experience than you do;
  • And you can see aspects in your current skill level that needs to improve on;
  • You can easily learn how to pitch from an expert in the field.

With this in mind, offering your services for free or at discounted price can help you land job faster as a beginner freelancer. 

Kominiti and LinkedIn are two professional platforms that can help you find companies or connect with thriving freelancers for volunteer positions. 

For discounted services, Kominiti Hot Deals feature is designed specifically for beginner freelancers to sell their services at a discounted price and land clients on time. Once you start getting client, you can increase the price for your services. 

6. Get on Relevant Social Media Platforms. 

Beginner freelancer

The freelancing career is a one-man business. As such, you are solely in charge of marketing your skill, building your brand, and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Thankfully, many social media platforms are designed to make the process easy. As a freelancer, you should maximize social media platforms designed to cater to you. Some of these platforms are LinkedIn, Kominiti, Fiverr, and Upwork. 

Kominiti, for instance is a professional platform that connects global business owners, freelancers, job seekers and career professionals. The platform has impressive features for both beginner and expert freelancers. As a beginner freelancer on Kominiti, post projects at discounted price in the Hot Deals section. This allow you to land clients on time.

To get started, go to www.kominiti.com

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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