3 Biggest Struggles Beginner Freelancers Face Finding Jobs 




As beginner freelancers, navigating the self-employed phase can be very exciting and overwhelming.

Choosing the freelancing path comes with lots of perks. Work flexibility and financial freedom, no more commuting to work like the traditional 9–5 workers, sole responsibility for choosing the clients to work with, and setting the price for your service. Indeed, freelancing has many benefits. 

However, despite the great perks, freelancing is not without drawbacks. From dealing with clients who want to control how you do the job to keeping up with the instability of getting clients, freelancing is not an easy feat. If you are thinking of building a career as a freelancer, here are the 3 biggest struggles beginner freelancers face and how to handle them effectively.

Finding Clients

Beginner Freelancers

Freelancing is a growing career, and the more people come into the field, the higher the challenges of getting clients. The global freelance market size was estimated at $4.43 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $12.01 billion by 2028, according to techjury statistics.

As such, finding clients remains one of the biggest struggles freelancers face. Sometimes, this challenge is a continuous one, because clients often go to freelancers for one-off projects. As beginner freelancers, keep in mind that you will deal with client instability for the first few months of your journey.

Below are proven ways to handle this challenge: 

  • Word of mouth;
  • Networking;
  • Social media presence; 
  • A website;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Kominiti;
  • Facebook groups;
  • Useful articles and blog posts.

Promoting your Freelance Services

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As mentioned earlier, the freelancing career is a one-man business. You are in charge of promoting your services and positioning yourself where clients can easily find you. For beginner freelancers, this can be quite challenging as many of the freelancing platforms are saturated with experienced freelancers in your field who are also competing with you for clients. 

To handle the competition, promote your brand and services consistently. Platforms like LinkedIn and Kominiti are your two best bets. Aside from having a global marketplace where you can sell your services, Kominiti is designed with a social space where you can connect and network with global business professionals. As beginner freelancers, constantly showing up on the platform promotes your visibility, helps clients find you easily, and increases your chances of getting clients.

If you are a beginner freelancer, create an account on Kominiti, optimize your profile thoroughly, and start sharing content on the social space. 

Also, engage with other users’ posts, connect with like-minded professionals, and join the many different communities on the platform. In no time, you start getting clients. 

Do not send cold direct emails to people to secure work; rather, build reputation and relationships organically over time.

Pricing Your Services 

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Many beginner freelancers find it difficult to determine the right service price. Pricing tends to be one of the biggest challenges freelancers face nowadays. 

Some people believe that if you charge less, you’ll find it easier to find clients and secure work faster and also make clients love you more. But this is not true. 

When you charge too little, you will price yourself out of jobs. And the clients that bargain so much are often the ones who may not value your work. Many of them are pickers, less satisfied, and in most cases, they want more from you.

While it is not completely out of the game to price yourself lower, be wary of begging for clients or sounding desperate. When you start landing clients, you should increase your charges to match your skill and quality of work. 

What more?

Kominiti has a feature designed specifically for beginner freelancers struggling with getting clients. Go to www.kominiti.com create your account, navigate to the “Hot Deals” feature, and create your project/projects at a discounted price. This gives you an edge over experienced freelancers charging way more than you on the platform.

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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