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A Florida marketplace startup, Bixex today revealed that it is rebranding as Kominiti, your b2b platform for social networking and marketplace transactions.

From Bixex to Kominiti: Global Relaunch and Why?

Bixex, founded in 2017, connects business professionals and entrepreneurs seamlessly for business exchange. With us, we now position the brand to achieve its core objective – creating a community of business professionals and freelancers connected by common interest – business exchange!” Said Ethelbert Nwanegbo, Founder & CEO of Kominiti.  The new name does not affect the aim of the platform under the name “Bixex,” rather it enhances it.” With us, the aim of the platform is better communicated.

Kominiti immediately shows that our platform aims to build a global community so that business professionals, freelancers, and job seekers can grow their businesses, skills, anprofessional relationships.

Bixex Rebrands as Kominiti

The New and Amazing Features

This rebrand did not come with the new name alone; it has also enriched the platform with significant user experience improvements. The landing page now presents the products of users to the global market space. A registered user can exchange referrals in and out of the platform while enjoying daily business tips. Users can also participate in knowledge tests, answer trivia questions, and earn convertible points on the platform. That is not all! Users can also partake in other interesting games like “Pic of the Week” contests and earn generous points. No other B2B platform rewards its users like this platform.

The Dashboard

Kominiti presents an improvement to the Bixex Dashboard in order to enhance user experience. Marketplace, being a vast space, allows freelancers and business owners to post gigs and services for interested buyers.  Matchmaking re-engineered with AI, is designed to match people across the globe with common interests. Users can create a “Matchmaking” request in order to be immediately paired with users sorted by matching score. Users with matchmaking needs now have the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and connect.

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Kominiti presents an improved Deals & Offers page, now called Hot Deals, re-engineered to serve the needs of budding freelancers with no work history. With Hot Deals, freelancers on the platform can offer their services at market deals. This minimizes the lack of experience risk on the part of the service buyer. The value added to the buyers comes by way of the bargain so that buyers can get much more done with less. Unlike Bixex, this redesigned platform has made Hot Deals a fertile ground for freelancers who are yet to get ratings on the platform but are willing to prove themselves. They can create gigs at discounted prices and post them on this page so that they can land clients easily.

The Rewards

Business Listing emerges as Kominiti Elite as against the former Bixex, to reward loyal and hardworking users on the platform with special listing and recognition as elites. It rewards freelancers and buyers on the platform in order to encourage them to provide top-notch service to other users.

What more? Kominiti balances the duality of the platform promises; professional connection, on the one hand, and global business improvement on the other.

As a platform, the platform is simple, seamless, and easy to navigate.

About Kominiti

Kominiti is a B2B marketplace designed for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business professionals. With a fully redesigned experience, robust dashboard, and API, users are presented with a seamless experience. More information is available at

+1 (407) 632 3020

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