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Have you heard about Kominiti?

Kominiti is a global platform designed to connect business owners, freelancers, business professionals and other experts. Its vast marketplace allows business owners and freelancers to sell their skills and services to clients and customers around the globe. If you are a business owner yet to open or edit your business account on Kominiti, these simple steps would guide you:

1. Enter

2. Click Sign Up to create your business account.

3. Choose the type of account you want to create.

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4. Enter your surname and other details. Click Next to continue.

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5. Fill out the details of your business, and click Create Account to save.

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6. On the homepage, click on the image icon by the right.

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7. Select View Profile

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8. On the page you are redirected to, check to ensure you are registered as a Business Owner.

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9. Edit your profile image and header. The header is your business icon while the profile image is your brand picture.

10. Fill out other details including your About.

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11. Click to save.

You have successfully created and edited your business account on Kominiti

Here is a quick one. Do you know that as a business owner on Kominiti, you can create an online business card for your business activities on the platform? Click here to see how.

Kominiti simple, safe, and secure.

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