3 Importance of Communication to Business Growth




Words are powerful. They can either attract or repel customers. The flow of business communication in the workplace can either strengthen or weaken relationships. Internal communication among employees builds rapport and positively impacts customer relationships. As such, good business communication is essential to business growth.

Also, business communication helps to strengthen the reputation of a business and influences its brand promotion.  Below are four communication methods and how they can benefit your business. 

Business Communication

Internal upward business communication

This entails communication from an employee with the manager or top executives in the company. It is the interaction between the lower-ranking employees and the higher-ranking employees in the company. A good example is reports and forms. 

Internal downward business communication

This entails interaction from the upper arm of the company to the lower position. It includes communication from the management to the employees. A good example is a memo sent to inform employees of the latest developments in the company.

Internal lateral communication

Internal lateral is communication among members of equivalent rank in the workplace. For instance, communication among employees. Such communication can be carried out through emails, messages, and chats among members of the workplace.

External communication

This is an interaction between the organization and external members such as customers or clients. External communication happens more frequently than other types of business communication.

Importance of Business Communication

1. Improves relationships among employees

Business communication

Effective communication among employers and employees in the workplace helps to improve relationships. It promotes productivity and improves relationships in other spheres of work. Employee relationships can affect how the company relates with customers and clients.

2. Promote productivity

Because communication in the workplace create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, this can positively impact on the productivity of the company. The right words can fuel employee’s commitment. 

3. Reduce communication silos

business communication

Another great importance of business interaction among employees is that it helps to reduce too much irrelevant information. When the employees relate easily with one another, this helps to reduce communication silos.

Business communication affects every aspect of the company’s progress. It can directly or indirectly affect the level of energy an employee puts into his or her work. To a large extent, a toxic work environment is often caused by ineffective communication in business. As such, proper business interaction is key to business growth and development.

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