What is a Business Growth Strategy?




Do you think having a business growth strategy counts?

If you have ever worked in the marketing department, you will agree that growing a business takes work. It is, in fact, one of the most challenging things you’ll probably do in your career. From running ads to competitive research and all other technicalities, growing a business is demanding, and one of the ways to stay on track is to have a business growth strategy.

What is a business growth strategy?

According to Gartner.com, a business growth strategy is an organization’s plan to overcome current and future challenges to achieve its goals for expansion. The importance of having a growth strategy for your business cannot be underestimated. Your business growth strategy highlights principles designed to tackle current and future challenges to achieving your business goal. It entails ideas and plans to enhance your business growth. A good business strategy would help your business maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

Business growth strategies are frameworks designed to help your business achieve its short and long-term goals. 

Your business growth strategy includes these 3Cs: 

Customer Segment

Business Growth Strategy

The customer segment is your plan to generate the perfect customer demography and details. This includes essential customer details like demographics, age, location, and customer interest. A well-detailed customer segment targets your business ad to the right audience. It helps take your products to where and who needs them.

The customer segment is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Including this in your growth strategy can help you develop action plans to achieve significant business goals.

Customer Package

Business Growth Strategy

One of the most overlooked aspects in business is customer package. How you package your business to your product can enhance customer satisfaction. Customer package entails the entire business packaging idea you use to get your product to your targeted customers. It includes your product description and your delivery method. The customer package also includes presale and post-sale strategies to retain your current customers.

A well-detailed business strategy would also have ideas on how best to package your product or services to your customer. This aspect is essential in developing a strong business strategy.

Customer Development Strategies

Business Growth Strategy

Whether a startup or an already established business, your customer development strategy is key to achieving growth. It is the core of your operational methodology and, by extension, your business growth strategy. 

The customer development strategy involves a breakdown of your customers’ needs, pain points, and solutions. It also entails your plans to grow your customer list and captures the business’s strategies to deliver all the touchpoints necessary to generate and retain its customers. Your customer development strategies are virtually everything the company is doing to maintain its competitive edge. This information is required when developing a comprehensive business strategy.

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