4 Best Ways To Get Business Leads On Kominiti




If you have added a business page to your account on Kominiti and have been facing some challenges getting more leads on the platform, below are the 4 best ways to find more leads.

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1. Create Some Projects on the Marketplace

Create Some Business Projects on the Marketplace

The Kominti marketplace is a global space where business owners and freelancers come together to buy and sell their services. Freelancers and job seekers on the platform can easily go to the marketplace, run through the projects there, and choose the ones that align with their skills and expertise. If your services or projects are listed on the marketplace, you have an edge in gaining more leads.

2. Promote Your Business on the Kominiti Social Space

Promote Your Business on the Kominiti Social Space

Another place to promote your business on the platform is the social space. The Kominiti social space is the homepage where you share your posts and articles while engaging with other people’s content. Your posts, content, and engagement can also be used to promote your business visibility and get more leads. Engaging in the Kominiti social space makes all users of Kominiti aware of your organization. It also opens you up to more audiences than just your network. 

3. Create a Business Card

Create a Business Card

As a business owner on Kominiti, you have automatic access to design a card for yourself and share it with the people in your network. This feature gives you more edge and makes things even more official for you on the platform. You don’t necessarily have to upload your card when you can easily create one and spread it around for publicity. Sharing your card will give you a broader reach on Kominiti.

4. Join Fan Clubs and Social Communities

Join Fan Clubs and Social Communities

The fan club feature on Kominiti enables users to connect with people of similar interests while participating in exciting activities. These activities come with points that can be converted into cash rewards. The social communities also provide users with more opportunities to connect with forward-thinking professionals with similar goals. This way, you can get business ideas that improve your business significantly.

To get started on the platform, simply visit www.kominiti.com

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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