5 Businesses You Can Start With Little or no Money




What was your close circle’s first reaction when you told them you wanted to start a business? Let me guess. One or two people said you would need a lot of money to start. Though it is not a lie that a great business idea needs cash, without any, it doesn’t mean that your path to being a business owner is over. 

What if I tell you that there are a lot of businesses you can start with little or no money? Doubt it? Here are some of these businesses.

1. Blogging


Technology has not only made running a business less stressful. It has also made owning one an easy feat. Take, for instance, blogging. 

In the US, bloggers earn $30,000 – $50,000 in their first year – Ryan Robinson. And yes, you don’t need money to start. 

To get started, create a free blog on Medium or WordPress and share links to your post on other social media platforms like Kominiti, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. The more your readers increase, the better your chance of getting monetized. As you grow, read more about the how-to, and take courses if you have to. The major requirement to grow this business is to be consistent and share valuable and engaging content.

However, ensure you figure out your niche on time to attract your target audience quickly.

2. Freelance writing 


Are you a great writer? This is a no-brainer. In fact, Upwork recently revealed that, on average, freelancers make $42,000 annually.

Aside from writing, as a freelancer, you can sell other skills like graphic design, product management, customer relations, editing, and website development. 

Freelancing is fast becoming a thing today. One of the things you would enjoy as a freelancer is your freedom and independence. You are your boss.

Like blogging, you don’t need money to start this business. Get on freelancing sites like Kominiti, Fiverr, and Upwork. Complete your profile and start selling yourself. You can talk about your services on LinkedIn and Kominiti social space. However, ensure that you are extremely good at what you are selling before putting yourself out there. This is essential to help you succeed in your freelancing business. What are you waiting for?

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3. Affiliate Marketer


If you can sell anything to just anybody, affiliate marketing is for you.

Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by referring people to a product online. You act as an online marketer for the product and earn some shares by doing your job and doing it well. This simple job has made many millionaires. You too can.

Affiliate marketers make an average $59,060 per year,  according to Glassdoor. With additional bonuses, this can go up to $158k per year. So you see, if you can convince anyone to buy from you, you should monetize this skill as an affiliate marketer.

4. Social media influencer


Working as a social media influencer is another great way to start a business with little or no money. You are already good to go if you have many followers and connections on one or two social media platforms. Leverage your thousands of followers and engagements by working with brands and startups struggling with visibility and willing to pay to get into the limelight.

Note; you need a lot of followers to become a social media influencer. 

5. Social media manager


As many organizations and businesses come to terms with the need to maintain a solid social media presence, the role of the social media manager is on the rise. Social media managers manage personal or business accounts on social media. The goal is to help businesses or people get more sales or clients. 

To get started as a social media manager, you need great communication skills, a relevant degree (optional), and a very good knowledge of the use of social media. 

Not all businesses require starting with a lot of money. With basic knowledge of the business you are interested in, you can start and improve as you progress. 

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