7 Best Ways To Earn Your Clients’ Trust as a Freelancer




In freelancing, the significance of gaining clients’ trust cannot be overlooked. Knowing that your clients put their trust in you and your work alone gives you a sense of security and shows that you can be counted on at any time and on any day.

By hiring just anyone, irrespective of the reviews and positive remarks about the person,  business owners feel as if they are taking a personal risk. They may also feel insecure because they are entrusting their projects to someone they have never met. And only base their judgments about the person on reviews and personal statements. Furthermore, previous experiences of disappointments may have harmed their faith in you.

What about safety?

Since business owners would be entrusting you with sensitive information. How convinced are they that you can be trusted?

Hiring a freelancer is an act of trust in every sense of the word, and beyond ‘buying a service,’ both parties are ‘entering into a relationship.’  This is why we have put together a few factors that will influence your buyers’ trust in you: 

 Be Credible:


Being seen by new or previous clients as someone who can deliver on their promises is a must. Business owners often determine your credibility from not just what you say about yourself but what others are saying about you. 

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Be Reliable:

Your track record of past meetings, commitments, and strict adherence to deadlines sells you as a reliable freelancer. Good reviews are signs that you can be trusted to deliver. One of the ways to build reliability is to put your best effort into every job and deliver on time.

Never ruin your relationship even if you have to walk away:


It’s crucial to hear what others have to say about what it’s like to work with you. Clients should be able to express how easy it is to deal with you based on your reputation. If you have to walk away from a business relationship, do this in the most logical way you can. Walk away quietly if you must.

Consider Your Clients:

As much as you’d like to put yourself first, try to prioritize your clients. The willingness to sacrifice your self-interest to the needs of your client increases your overall trust score with them. Also, putting your client first boosts your overall positive remarks.

Be Committed:

Your apparent commitment to your client is an important aspect of developing trust. As a freelancer, you must show that you are completely dedicated to your professional relationship. Check up on your clients and let them know what you can do for them or how you can assist them.

Be Ready to Communicate:


Lack of communication is the greatest adversary of trust. Communication issues are the top offenders when it comes to eroding trust between coworkers and businesses. Lack of communication is made up of inconsistent signs including; lack of straightforward answers, incorrect feedback, lying, and the unwillingness to dispel rumors. Freelancers are excellent communicators, and this will aid in the development of trust in the long run.

Be determined and Responsible:

In the freelancing business, you are responsible for your actions and inactions. The freelance journey is an unpredictable one. As such, be prepared to deal with different kinds of clients. The ability to stay committed and maintain a good profile while on this journey comes with determination and responsibility. 

Always keep in mind that a trusted formula can help you evaluate the quality of your client interactions.

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