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This may come off as a little shocking. Because I am not about to discuss how to manage your money, prepare for days when clients are not coming as they should, and all that talk about freelancers managing their funds. Excel can easily help you with that. But I will be revealing the simple tips I see in virtually every successful freelance writer I have met in my over 5 years as a writer. Interested? Grab a seat and your cup of coffee as we go through these four profound tips for excelling as a freelance writer. 

1. Put your client’s needs first.

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Every business owner who comes to you with a task does so because they believe you can. When you maximize this opportunity well, it can help you strike a lasting business relationship. Not doing this means losing a potential business opportunity. This is why, as a freelance writer, you must possess the required skills and understand your client’s needs. Look thoroughly through every instruction and requirement for the job. 

It’s okay to turn down a job if you won’t be able to deliver on it.

Most times, in a bid to show off, freelance writers put themselves first before their clients. And so, after agreeing to a scheduled deadline, you not only miss the deadline but also refuse to notify the clients about the change of plan. Deadlines are very important when dealing with clients.

Even if you are a great freelance writer, once you miss a deadline without prior notice, you just sowed a seed of distrust in the client’s mind.

2. Never stop marketing yourself.

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Freelancers are business owners. And like every business, marketing is essential. As a freelance writer, the onus is on you to market and put yourself in places where your clients are. Do not assume that because you are on LinkedIn or Kominiti, you don’t need to sell yourself on Twitter. If big companies like Coca-Cola and Microsoft are on virtually all social media platforms, why won’t you? 

Sell yourself on as many platforms as you can. When you notice that one of them works better than the other, you can harness the platform’s potential.

Marketing is essential in promoting yourself as a freelance writer. 

3. Pitch your own story

freelance writer

“I just landed an amazing international gig that pays as high as $xyz.”

I bet you are familiar with success stories like this if you use LinkedIn consistently. Let’s not talk about the initial spark of failure that hits your heart when you see posts like this, especially if you are still struggling in your freelance journey. 

But when I took the time to check out people with stories like these, I saw one thing in common among them. They are good at selling their stories.  From their struggles, challenges, successes, skills, and every aspect of their writing journey, they show (not tell) their experience. Although I won’t advise that you sell a false story, I will advise that you constantly pitch your stories. Sell stories about your skills, challenges, motivations, and what you have learned as a freelance writer.  

What this does is subconsciously strike empathy in the minds of your readers. They see you as a real human with struggles, challenges, and great knowledge worth working with. You also reveal your level of expertise to your readers and, of course, potential clients. Get it?

4. Don’t quit your job. 


Do not quit your job if you are just starting your freelance career. It is risky. Well, except you have enough saved to sort out your needs. The freelance writing world is gradually becoming saturated, and getting clients will be a little challenging if you are not very good at the craft. Until you master the act of writing content that sells and sparks engagement, you should hold on to your job. If this is affecting your learning, try learning on weekends. 

After you have mastered the skill, getting clients will not be hard. Also, you won’t be tempted to sell yourself short just because you need the money. And when the money starts rolling in, you can kiss your job goodbye. But quitting a job when you have yet to master your writing skills is risky.

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