4 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Future of Work




What is the most challenging negative thought you have faced in your freelancing career?

Let me guess,

  1. Building a long-term career as a freelancer, or continuing in it as a side hustle. 
  2. What is the future of freelancing? 
  3. What happens when there are no enough clients or the market becomes too saturated? 

If you’re unsure whether you should settle for freelancing and build a career out of it, read this.

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Freelancers are the go-to for one-time projects.


Freelancers are highly skilled individuals because they work with various companies in various fields. As a result, they can easily accept one-time projects from companies if they have the necessary skills. Although companies have several techniques to get their jobs done, for one-off projects, their go-to strategy is hiring a freelancer.  

“Think about how this could be useful for a company. Say you need a professional writer for a single project. It would not make sense to hire a full-time writer because your writing needs aren’t enough to justify it.”

“Hiring a full-time employee would be expensive and a waste of company money. However, a freelancer would fit the project perfectly. The company would use the freelancer’s skills for the project, pay them, and then the two entities would part ways.” – Will Lee, CEO of Blue Whale, a company targeted at creating a strong network of one-person businesses.

Freelancing helps to reduce the cost of bringing an employee on board to handle the job.


For startups that are trying to cut costs, hiring a freelancer is a better option than employing someone to join the team. For one, you don’t have to get a workstation ready or prepare other compensations like medical, insurance, sick leaves, and others. 

“Freelancers are free operators, not part of any organization’s staff, so the business doesn’t have to give freelancers any advantages. When freelancers are hired for projects, companies spend less because they just need to pay the freelancer only for their services. This could be one of the main reasons motivating businesses to hire freelancers consistently,” says Will Lee.

Hiring a freelancer helps you save time and money and get a better result, as the freelancer will dedicate his time to delivering a good job. 

Technology innovation has made freelancing easy


If there is something technology has done, it has made building a career in freelancing very easy. Nowadays, businesses need many tech-related things to be done, and if they have to hire an in-house employee for all the roles, they would spend more. From technical writing to website design, product management, business analysis, and others, technology has directly impacted the freelancing field. It has provided endless opportunities for freelancers, and as it constantly evolves, the freelance career evolves with it. 

Freedom and independence are guaranteed with freelancing.


Freelancing is innovative. As a freelancer, you are constantly trying new things and learning on the job. The flexibility and diverse opportunities in freelancing are tied to the fact that freelancers enjoy freedom and independence. They are not tied to the 9–5 work rule. As such, achieving their dream is simplified.

Freelancing allows you to stay informed about new digital upgrades and be more productive while at it. 

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