5 Important Questions to Ask Before Going into Freelancing




Freelancing is one of the best ways you can be employed and still have time to live life the way you want to. It is a contract-based profession where, instead of being recruited by an organization or by an individual, you use your skills and experience to provide services to clientsAs a freelancer, you not only manage your time but also choose the clients you want to work with and set your price. Freelancers are business owners; the only difference is that they are usually without the complexities and diverse departments of business. Most freelancers register their businesses and operate like business owners. 

However, as beautiful as this kind of business is, it requires hard work and patience. Because of its intricacies, many people who would love to dive into it often wonder whether or not they would be able to cope with it. Many ask questions like: “How can you measure your success as a freelancer, and how long would it take to start making enough from freelancing?” This article examines five questions you should ask yourself before choosing a freelance career.

1. Can you work alone with little or no supervision?


Not everyone can cope with the quietness and solitude attached to freelancing. While some people might love working alone, others love collaborating and sharing ideas with colleagues. If you fall into the latter category, diving into freelancing may not be the best choice for you. However, suppose you want to give it a try. In that case, you can start by working as a freelancer on the side or collaborating with other freelancers on platforms like LinkedIn, Kominiti, Fiverr, and Upwork.

2. Can you organize your time effectively?


Freelancing means you completely control your time and how you want to spend it. Nevertheless, timeliness is an essential factor. As a freelancer, the ability to deliver quality and effective work on or before the due date often acts as a plus. Clients measure this as diligence and might come back with more jobs. Based on this, if you are considering freelancing, you should be able to schedule your work and give it your all. If work would extend beyond the allocated time, ensure you communicate this to your client beforehand.

3. Can you do many different things?


Freelancing is a serious business, and freelancers are business owners. As such, as a freelancer, you would end up doing so many things alone, like website upkeep, networking, negotiating, bookkeeping, and lots more. The ability to multitask would give you an edge in the freelancing world.

4. Can you take risks and handle uncertainties?


There are no guarantees that when you start on the freelancing path, you will start getting gigs immediately. It takes a great deal of determination and patience to excel as a freelancer. Even when the money is not coming as you want, you have to continue pushing and maintain positivity. 

 5. Are you confident you can do the job?


This is important because some business owners who hire freelancers for jobs want to pay peanuts. You need to believe in your skills and what you have to offer. This would enable you to set the right price for your skill. However, make sure that when you demand a certain amount as payment, you can deliver on the job. 

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