7 Effective Ways to Generate Leads on Social Media




Social media is an amazing tool to generate leads and promote brand awareness. In this age where virtually everything you want can be gotten online, it is safe to say that no business can thrive without social media. Also, generating leads from social media helps you keep in touch with your customers and encourage more patronage. If you want to take your social media strategies a notch higher, below are seven ways to do this.

1. Optimise your social media profile.

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Guess where anyone seeing your business for the first time would check? Your social media account. Before anyone patronizes your business, he or she will first check your business profile. Without enough information on your profile, you give a negative impression (you can be thought of as a scammer). 

Your profile includes your business name, a business summary, reviews, the year of establishment, employee size, and other related information. This gives credibility to your business, promotes your brand and helps you generate leads. 

2. Create valuable content

Generating leads on social media will be difficult without compelling and valuable content. Many businesses like yours are also vying for your prospects’ attention. If you are not doing enough to get to them before they do, your prospects continue to look beyond your business.

Content is king. Maximize this and watch your business leads leap.

3. User-friendly landing page

Generate Leads

It is a turnoff if your landing page is sloppy and too cluttered.  The same way you pay attention to your business product, do the same with your landing page.  Your landing page must be easily scalable and visually seamless. If it involves filling out a form, ensure the information to be filled out is not too personal. Studies have shown that forms that involve filling out your age often generate the lowest leads. The more sensitive the required information is, the more protective your prospects become, and the more your leads decrease. 

Your landing page should be user-friendly from content to design and CTA. This is an effective strategy to generate leads on social media.

4. Use social media lead ads

Social media ad is like finding the right teacher for the right class. The class’s overall performance would depend on how well the students understand the teacher. Like your content, your social media ads can be the bridge between your business and your target audience when maximized properly. A brilliantly crafted ad on the right platform can skyrocket your leads. One of the platforms to run such ads is Facebook. 

Facebook ads can be used to generate leads and collect information for retargeting.

5. Use the right incentive

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Giving incentives is another excellent way to capture your audience’s attention. There are different incentives you can use to sweeten your deal. You can offer free products, discount codes, or gated content. This does not only help to retain existing customers but also generate leads.

6. Personalize your content

. Personalized content speaks directly to your audience and is easy to engage with. It makes your reader feel like you are talking to him or her directly. This helps to build your audience’s relationship and generate leads. 

7. Measure your social media performance

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Don’t forget to collect analytical information about your customers when you start to generate leads from social media. Google Analytics is a great tool for this. With this tool, you can track leads on your website and monitor the platform that is performing better. This helps you to know where your lead strength lies.

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