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The primary reason freelancers join social media platforms is to get gigs from high-paying clients or business owners. All freelancers want to ensure they can maintain their income and don’t have to struggle for clients at every interval. As simple as this may sound, getting consistent gigs has been at the top of the list of challenges most freelancers face. If you are a freelancer registered on Kominiti, here are tips to help you get consistent gigs.

1. Update your Profile to Get Gigs


As a freelancer, you want to ensure that prospective clients get enough information about you. Also, you want to make sure that your profile sells you as an expert in your niche.

Your profile is the first thing anyone connecting with you will check. As such, you can sell yourself short based on how detailed your profile information is. Fill out your profile with the necessary information. Write a brilliant and catchy summary that triggers your prospect or client to take the next step. Do not forget to include your contact details on your profile.

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2. Connect With Users on the Platform.


Beyond updating your profile, your network is also important. If you want to hasten your process of getting gigs and keep them coming, connect with people on the platform. Connect with business owners and engage with their content. Tag them and share their content. This way, you are silently establishing yourself in their mind. The more people get to know you, the better your chances of getting gigs or clients.

3. Join or Create Groups that Align with Your Skills.


The remarkable thing about Kominiti is that there are different groups on the platform designed to help you grow. In these communities are business professionals and career experts. If you are on Kominiti, maximize this opportunity by joining groups that align with your skillset. Chances are, you might meet people in your niche who are either looking to partner or grow.

4. Promote Your Skill on the Social Space.


Beyond updating your profile, growing your network, and joining communities, let users on the platform see what you are good at. Use the Kominiti social space to promote yourself. Share posts, articles, and engage with other people’s content. This way, even people outside your network can connect with you. Your next referral might just be waiting for that magic post on the social space.

5. Be Consistent


There is a famous saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Success is a product of long time consistency. Like in every other endeavor, consistency is key to getting and retaining clients online.

As freelancers on Kominiti, your consistency can affect how fast you will land gigs. When it seems like nothing is working, keep posting, keep engaging with content, keep growing your network. In no time, clients would start patronizing you. It is not rocket science. Consistency matters.

Are you a business owner or freelancer yet to get started on Kominiti? You are missing out a lot. Kominiti is a professional profile designed to help you scale your business and achieve your desired financial goal. The end goal is to expand your knowledge and finance.

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