5 Things You Need to Succeed As a Freelance Graphic Designer




What do you need to succeed as a freelance graphic designer?

The internet has opened a world of possibilities to students and youth. Thanks to it, you can learn any skill online and start a career as a freelancer. Aside from the freedom and perks that come with it, becoming an entrepreneur through this medium is pretty easy. Graphic design is one of the different careers in freelancing. 

Compared to other freelancing skills, the visual and emotional stimulation that good designs ignite in potential customers, readers, or clients promotes brand awareness and increases revenue. As such, the demand for a good graphic designer constantly increases. If this field interest you, below are some proven steps to succeed as a freelance graphic designer.  

1. Create a killer digital portfolio

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Your design portfolio is critical to landing jobs and establishing yourself as a freelance graphic designer. It makes the first impressions on your experience. As such, you want to pay extra attention to your portfolio as a freelance graphic designer. Take the time to curate, plan and design a good portfolio. 

“Try to think of ways to make your portfolio more dynamic, for example, with movement or interactivity,” says Envato Designer, Camilla Anderson. “You could add subtle animation to elements on your website or within the mockups themselves, or include a playful interaction to make your portfolio more memorable. You could also create a demo reel for your design work to include on the homepage of your website or to email out to prospective companies and clients.”

2. Experiment with novel ideas 

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If you are just starting your career as a freelance graphic designer, you might be tempted to go with the flow or follow some well-known design patterns. While this is not completely bad, it is advisable to try novel ideas.

Every idea or trend has to start somewhere and with someone – which can be you. If you have an idea that challenges the status quo, before you think of giving up on it because it is unique, try it out. Design it and see what comes out of it. If it makes sense, own it. Curiosity naturally attracts clients and enhances soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. 

Also, one exceptional quality of excellent creativity is the ability to think out of the box and do things uniquely. This is what sets you aside in your field as an excellent graphic designer. 

3. Connect with your Clients 

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The key factor determining growth in your freelancing career is the ability to land clients on time. As you build your killer portfolio, get on platforms where your potential clients are and connect with them. Some of these platforms are LinkedIn and Kominiti. Among the advantages of creating an account on Kominiti is aside from the global marketplace feature where you create projects and get bids, the social space makes it easy for you to connect with other professionals in your field, engage with their posts, join communities, and collaborate.  

Being talented in the creative industry is good, but building professional relationships and connections with your clients will help to take your career to the next level.

4. Be Consistent and Persistent 

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Consistency is vital to growing a strong graphic design business as a freelancer. The key to this is constantly showing up, especially on platforms like Kominiti and LinkedIn. Sharing valuable content about your skill and experience promotes you as an expert. When you do this, business professionals looking to hire designers come to you because of the quality posts and trust you have built over time. 

People are usually drawn to brands they can recognize and identify with, so ensure all your messages across all platforms are the same. Expose your audience to a consistent visual style that is unique to you.

5. Don’t Stop Evolving 

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Growth comes with change, and growth is the key to success. Be open to new ways. Learn, unlearn, and relearn. Don’t stop evolving. Be innovative. Designs would always come and go, do not be scared to experiment with new methods. 

Be a thought leader and continually push yourself. Do not force yourself to a particular style, as it stifles your creativity. Be willing to try something new and use new tools, apps, and programs. 

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