3 Effective Ways To Land Clients as a Freelancer




To land clients is one of the most challenging aspects of freelancing. Building your client base can be tough on some days as it may feel like you are wasting so much time looking for clients than actually getting paid. In this age, there is no time to waste time, which is essentially money.

Do you know that as a freelancer, you can land clients even without paying outrageous fees for advertisements or charging extremely below the way you should?

Below are three ways in which you can get clients as a freelancer:

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1. Know Your Ideal Client


Knowing your ideal client inside and out will offer you an advantage in freelancing. You will keep progressing while others who deal with almost everything are busy working without anything to show for it. It is vital to remember that while it will take a lot of effort, it will pay off in the end.

To begin, you need to write a detailed description of your ideal client. Ask as many questions as you can and be specific as possible. Questions on the kind of organization they are, what they do, their most pressing issues, and the type of industries they work in will go a long way in helping you streamline your details. Following that, you can then start fleshing out each profile in a detailed buyer persona. 

Here’s an example: A writer aiming at IT specialists could choose from several well-known industries. To completely understand your potential clients’ needs, create buyer personas for each target and monitor your results.

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2. Leverage a Global Marketplace Like Kominiti


One of the effective platforms you can land clients as a freelancer is Kominiti. Companies with upcoming projects will always look into this kind of freelance platform to hire capable professionals.

Kominiti offers a variety of options ranging from Software Development to UI/UX design, Writing, Web Design, Administrative Support, and others, making it easy for everyone to find a bearing. Kominiti also allows users to expand their businesses through streamlined and easy-to-navigate user operations.

Rather than being stuck because of joblessness, Kominiti enables freelancers to market themselves and land clients without stress.

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3. Tap Into Internal and External Networks


With your internal network, which consists of your close friends, relatives, and coworkers in your industry, you have to build trust over time so that they can trust your skills and knowledge. Although they don’t have to patronize you all the time, they can always refer you because they’ve watched you thrive over the years. Inquire if they know someone who could benefit from what you’re selling and tell them about what you do differently.

Remember to keep an eye out for activities that will interest your potential clients. You won’t always land clients from these, and that’s okay. Instead, seize such opportunities to build your skills, learn a lot about your target audience, and improve industry knowledge and its demands.

While you are at this, never forget that Kominiti offers connection opportunities for business owners, freelancers, and job seekers.

To get started, simply visit www.kominiti.com 

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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