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I often tell my friends that making money through social media is not for the weak. Although people often share testimonies on how they are able to land jobs on social media platforms, only a few of the numerous stories happen out of sheer luck. Notwithstanding, social media is one of the best places to land jobs, grow your brand, and promote your business.

However, for every social media platform, there are tips on how to get into the limelight. This article examines 3 great tips to land jobs on social media.

1. Proper Positioning

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When you are looking for something, the best tactic is not just to look for it anywhere, but to position yourself where you are likely to find it. This is the same with landing jobs. As the world transcends into a global village, recruiters post most of their job openings on their different social media platforms. 

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Kominiti are your best bet to land jobs. As such, as a job seeker, how you position yourself on social media can help you land your dream job. Proper positioning starts with your profile information and subsequent activities on the platform. 

2. Share Content on Your Experience and Expertise.

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Until you start doing this, you never know how well sharing your experience and expertise can work for you. Be vocal about your knowledge. However, be careful about what you say on social media platforms. This is because unnecessary drunken debauchery on social media platforms can put off your potential employer. Don’t hide your experience and expertise.

3. Well-crafted and Detailed Profile Information. 

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Although you need a well-constructed CV for your job search, it is equally important to have a professional platform with details of your expertise. This way, recruiters who go online in search of their candidates can easily find information about you and decide whether or not you are the perfect fit for the job. 

Your impressive profile can speak for you and get you a position that might not even be advertised. The way you craft your profile and the extent you engage, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn and Kominiti can determine how fast you land your dream job. 

Among the different social media sites where you can land jobs are LinkedIn and Kominiti. Both platforms present an avenue for you to connect with professionals and grow your network. Also on both platforms are communities designed to help you grow your skills and meet quality connections. 

If you are a job seeker and are not on Kominiti, you are missing out a lot. Kominiti is one of the platforms designed to help job seekers, freelancers and business owners land jobs and gigs easily.  

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