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Since the invention of the internet, making money online has never been easier. From becoming a freelancer to selling books on Amazon, there are endless ways to make money legitimately online. The beauty of it is that you might not need anything other than your laptop and a stable internet supply. 

Below are 5 practical ways to make money online.

Become a Freelancer

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Are you into careers like administrative assistant, teacher, writer, graphic designer, or website developer? You have skills you can monetize on the internet as a freelancer. Start by creating an account on Kominiti, LinkedIn, and Fiverr and market your skills. 

However, to get clients on time, share content around what you do and be consistent. In no time, potential clients will come into your dm, asking to do business with you.   

To become a freelance writer, you can start a blog on platforms like WordPress and Medium and share links to your post on Kominiti and LinkedIn. Starting a blog helps you to build your portfolio and grow your skill. 

Become an Affiliate Marketer

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If you are a savvy marketer, you might want to go into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money by helping other brands sell their products online. The best part is that you can partner with many companies, including Uber, Amazon, Shopify, and FabFitFun.

Although commissions from brands can be small, as an affiliate marketer, you can work for as many brands as possible and make money from them all. Also, a single post can be used to sell or market many products from different brands. If this sounds like something you can do, research more about it and take courses. After gathering enough knowledge about how it works, start earning as an affiliate marketer.

Start a YouTube Channel

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I never knew people cashed out big time on YouTube until recently. I watched videos from content creators who revealed how much they make and how well Youtube has helped them achieve their dreams. Jimmy Donaldson (a.k.a MrBeast) made $54 million from YouTube in 2021. Jake Paul, another YouTuber, made $45 million from YouTube the same year. 

If you are passionate about something and wonder how to convert this into a money-making scheme, try YouTube. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

Become an Influencer

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Personal branding is another subtle way to make money online. It is the first step to becoming an influencer and doing business with brands. The simple way to go about this is to find a valuable niche to write and post content about. If you are a designer, share tips about starting a career in design on platforms like Instagram, Kominiti, Tiktok, and LinkedIn. If you stay true to your niche and post consistently, in no time, you will start gaining followers.

The more your followers grow, the more you gain recognition and exposure. This attracts businesses looking to gain as many online customers as possible. As an influencer, you might be required to post ads, talk about the business, and share tips on how they work and the benefits of their products. 

Become a Virtual Assistant 

Make Money

Virtual assistants make a lot of money. Some make money as much as $16 per hour. The good thing is that you can work either part-time or full-time. It can also be relatively flexible. All you need to be a virtual assistant is a laptop, headset, or cell phone, good communication skills, and a flexible schedule.

When you decide on the option(s) among all highlighted methods of making money online, create an account on Kominiti and start sharing content about what you do. Kominiti connects business owners, freelancers, solutions providers, job seekers, and business professionals. The vast marketplace on the platform allows you to market your sell your skills and services to global business owners. What more?

You can easily connect and build your network with users on the platform. From joining communities of like-minded to joining fan clubs and taking a course to boost your skills, Kominiti has many features designed to make the process of making money online as seamless as possible.

To get started on Kominiti, go to www.kominiti.com

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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