7 Important Negotiation Skills for Business and Career Success




Whether you are a freelancer, business owner, or career professional, you have engaged in negotiation at one time or another. Negotiation skills are important in business, career, and personal life. In the workspace, negotiation helps you to get the best out of deals and achieve long-term success. In your personal life, your negotiation skills can boost your creativity and decision-making ability. It can help you learn better strategies and improve your reasoning ability. 

Contrary to popular opinion, negotiation skills are not natural. Even the most outspoken person needs to learn when and how to apply this ability in negotiation. As such, negotiation skills can be developed with consistent learning and application. 

What is Negotiation?

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a dialogue between two or more people to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Negotiation can be used to resolve conflict or strike a business deal. The goal of this process is to reach an agreement that benefits all the parties involved. 

Here are seven important negotiation skills to build your negotiating ability. 

7 Important Negotiation Skills

  • Active Listening Ability: Successful negotiators have one skill in common. It is the ability to actively listen and understand the other party’s points. This is beyond listening to hear. Active listening ensures you understand and even recall suggestions from the speakers. 
  • Planning: Effective negotiators must have the skill to analyze a problem while considering the interest of each party involved. With this, you can plan and prepare your points ahead of the negotiation time while also considering all the possible outcomes. This is key to finding common ground and solutions.
  • Persuasion: The ability to influence others is an important negotiation skill. A good negotiator must be bold and vast. In negotiation, define why and how your proposed solution can benefit all parties. While adaptability is essential, you should be assertive when need be.
  • Effective Communication: Effective communication involves both verbal and nonverbal communication. Beyond your speech, your body language also communicates. Skilled communicators know how to adjust their communication style to meet the listeners’ needs without creating or aggravating issues. 
  • Emotional Intelligence: In every negotiation, one thing is sure, there will be disagreement. When your suggestion is strongly frowned upon, this can hurt your emotion or lead to uncontrolled outbursts. However, if you have emotional intelligence, you are calm and focused on the major issue.
  • Integrity: This is more of an ethical quality. Notwithstanding, your integrity can play a crucial role in negotiation. Strong ethical and morally principled individuals are seen as honest and thoughtful as against unethical people. This demonstrates your trustworthiness and also influences the other party’s decision. People of integrity are often respectful, honest, and committed. Integrity is key to standing out as a good negotiator. 
  • Decision Making: making good decisions can enhance your negotiation ability. If you have an excellent decision-making track record, agreeing to your proffered solution or suggestion during the decision-making process won’t be difficult. As a negotiator, your decision can have a lasting effect on yourself or your company. 

This is not to say that in negotiation, you shouldn’t give room for compromise; even if your suggestions are not later accepted, ensure they are carefully thought out. 

Negotiation Skills

The negotiation skills explained so far are not inexhaustible. The more your negotiation skills, the better you excel in negotiation and, by extension, in your career or business.

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