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We’ve been conditioned to think of technology as primarily coding, and as such, other no-code careers don’t have a place in the industry. When people say they work in tech, we immediately conjure images of someone sitting in front of a black screen, tirelessly writing codes to create the next big app. This is partly what happens in tech, but not all. Don’t be surprised if the technology industry operates similarly to other businesses. This implies there are aspects of the industry that don’t involve coding at all. 

If you have been looking to start a career in tech without a solid tech background, there are a lot of no-code careers to help you get started. This article examines three simple no-code careers you can start in tech.

1. UI/UX Designers

No-code careers

UI stands for user interface, while UX stands for user experience. UI/UX designers analyze the expected user behavior of a product and create designs that thoroughly align with the users’ expectations of the product. From landing pages to features and everything about the product, the UI/UX focuses on providing users with the most interactive user experience. They create user-friendly interfaces that better communicate technical product features to users. 

Although UI and UX are not the same, experts in these fields work closely to ensure that the users’ goals are fully satisfied. The goal of UI/UX is to improve the overall user experience of a product. Their design communicates the product features to users in the most simplified way.

The important fact to note is, UI/UX is one of the thriving no-code careers.

If designing and communicating product features to users sounds interesting, you can start a career as a UI/UX designer. This will give you a strong fort in tech. 

The technical skills required to thrive in this career include

  • Wireframe;
  • Prototype;
  • Mockup;
  • User flow;
  • Figma;
  • Sketch;
  • Photoshop;
  • Agile.

2. Data Analyst

No-code careers

Another fertile field among the no-code careers is data analysis. Data analysts are information and trend analysts. They work with trends and studies, gather information from various sources, analyze it, and suggest ways the information can improve a business. The data analyst focuses on improving business decisions. As a data analyst, your duties can be divided into five iterative phases.

  • Identify the data or information related to your business;
  • Collect the information;
  • Study and clean the information;
  • Analyze it;
  • Interpret the result of the four previous steps.

More often than not, to excel in this career, you need a good knowledge of analytic tools. Also, research skills are vital. Here are a few tools needed to kickstart your career as a data analyst:

  • Microsoft Excel;
  • Google sheets;
  • SAS;
  • Tableau;
  • SQL;
  • Microsoft Power BI.

If collecting and analyzing data aligns with your passion, then go for it.

3. Business Analysis

No-code careers

Business analysis is one of the high-demand no-code careers in tech. As a business analyst, your goal is to understand the organization’s aims and current challenges. You will work closely with the manager, business administrators, end-user experts, and other personas in the organization to gain profound knowledge of the business. 

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll propose plausible ways the business can get better. Improve the features that need to be improved and suggest recommendations to enhance the overall productivity of the business.

Aside from this, you will collect feedback on improvement and suggest further improvement if needed. 

To dive into this career, you must be a good analyst and researcher. This will help you keep up with trends in IT and the latest tech developments.

If working closely with thought leaders in the organization sound like what you love to do, you should start a career as a business analyst.

Here are the skills you need to get started

  • Analytical and Critical Thinking;
  • SQL and Database;
  • Negotiation and Cost-Benefit Analysis;
  • Decision-Making Skills;
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills;
  • Programming Languages;
  • Understanding the Business Objective;
  • Creation of Reports and Dashboards.

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