7 Simple Steps to Restore Your Password Successfully on Kominiti




If you have created an account on Kominiti and while trying to login, you forget the password you used to create the account. Don’t worry. Follow the steps below to recover it.

1. Login to your account


2. Click “Forgot Password.”

Sign in

3. Enter your email and click the next command to continue

Restore password 1

4. Login to your email account.

D8ksdwbsF AbIwHcAHz1X9KI1vhrD9T56OEv9LQ1i4eIyupixjsqDM4KP4VM4it27nEXs1aidSPaa4ZLppM6hSHgOkDszwPrFZ aTqnIPRkQkqLg1wlIUytuOCaZpr9QPGcinhMES4X5X LnPA

6. Fill out your new email in the 2 empty boxes.

gafHAgg756YycVGGohD QQkp4WCXBgE74j 7Cs9GjH4qlacXpmk9tvy3zbOiKjHTfpJ1OBgeyISlSE8G11mhT yz yGRfHcsC9W36oLnjKVlxTIMOPEFkJuY7dtdAbctfD5xIuGu18v88qEC A

7. Click “Submit.”

4GJOiCt2FRiZDafDkgoU HOrze275oiRfJBxEE87 qUmNq1TnYqh6jAkwmfZBOxAHVc2M89jK8yE0VNXQhh9 5rrdEB vgeO1BbQeTo5JbBhUqssQdef tMSZ w4jXOfR9URGE gZGwEdzDQg

You can now login to your Kominiti account.

Go here to edit your profile.

To get started on Kominiti, visit www.kominiti.com

Kominiti is simple and secure. 

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