How to Post a Project on Kominiti




Are you a business owner in need of an expert to handle some of your projects? Do you have a skill set you want to sell as a freelancer? The Kominiti Marketplace is a vast space where business owners and freelancers can post their tasks or set up a gig.

To set up a gig or employ a freelancer on Kominiti, follow the steps below:

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1. Sign in to your account on Kominiti.

2. On the homepage, click Marketplace.

3. On the page you are redirected to, click Create Project.

4. You will be redirected to the dashboard. Fill out each section with the necessary details. The first step is the overview. After this, click Save and Continue to proceed to the next stage.

5. Fill out the project description, save and continue to the next stage.

6. Set the pricing and requirements.

7. Attach a portfolio or document that explains the task or gig. Save and continue.

8. Preview and submit.

You have successfully created a project on Kominiti

To get started on Kominiti, visit

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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