5 Great Tips to Manage a Remote Team




Remote work is here to stay. Since the pandemic in 2019,  thousands of team leads, supervisors, and managers have found themselves managing a completely remote team. Many companies that have yet to adopt this are practicing a hybrid system that allows employees to work from home on some days.

To be honest, managing a remote team can be challenging. But with adequate preparation and the right skills, you would do just fine. These seven tips could be just what you need to manage a remote team successfully.

Communicate more frequently


Regular communication is the lifeblood of the workforce. It is almost impossible to achieve anything with your team if you do not communicate with them. As a supervisor, team leader, or manager overseeing a remote working team, ensure you communicate regularly. This could be on a daily basis or as often as possible. 

Beyond communicating to determine how well individuals in the remote team are working, keep in mind that remote work can be lonely. Communicating frequently with your team can reduce the feeling of aloneness associated with remote working. 

With a remote or hybrid work system, a bit of overcommunication works even better.

Conduct video conferencing regularly. Be creative in your approach. Organize online celebrations like virtual birthdays or work anniversary parties. Introduce lively communication methods that help the employee bond and remain efficient in their work. 

Set clear goals and expectations


When your team knows what their goals are, they can prioritize their work accordingly. Setting clear goals and expectations provides a clear direction for your team. It gives them something to work towards and helps them understand what is expected of them. This ensures that they are working on the most important tasks first and are not wasting time on low-priority tasks. 

Setting goals and expectations helps to ensure that everyone is pulling their weight and that the team is working together to achieve its goals. When everyone on your team knows what the goals and expectations are, it can improve communication by making it easier to discuss progress and identify any issues or challenges.

Encourage collaboration


Foster a sense of community by setting up virtual team-building activities. Encourage collaboration among your team. This allows them to work together towards a common goal and fosters community. It also helps team members feel more connected to each other. Collaboration encourages team members to communicate more frequently, openly, and effectively. This leads to better decision-making, increased productivity, and improved outcomes.

When the team collaborates effectively, they build trust among themselves. Thereby triggering a more positive working environment, and more productivity.

Trust your team


Give your team members the autonomy to manage their own workloads and trust that they will deliver on their commitments. Don’t micromanage or hover over their shoulders.

When you trust your team, it can increase their productivity. They feel empowered to take ownership of their work and are more likely to take the initiative to get things done. Trusting your team can improve their morale and job satisfaction. It helps them feel valued and respected, and it can also lead to a positive working environment.

Be Flexible


Leaders should always reconsider what “productivity” means. Getting the work done should be the paramount thing, not minding the time it takes. Everyone on your team has different schedules, work styles, and preferences. Be flexible in accommodating these differences as long as they don’t compromise the quality or timeliness of work.

Encourage your team members to take breaks and prioritize their well-being. Make sure they are not overworked and that they have the necessary resources to perform their jobs effectively.

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