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Every business needs sales to survive. But, as much as this is vital to business growth, the first important thing business owner should focus on is gaining the buyers’ trust. It takes some level of trust in your business or services before buyers patronize you. Without the trust and confidence of the buyer, you cannot build long-term relationships, even with a superb sales strategy. 

Also, trust formed the core cause of business growth and development. If your sales strategy is not converting as you expect, this could be because you are yet to earn your potential buyers’ trust. How, then, do you go about this? This article enumerates five reasons your sales strategy is not converting.

Your Content is Not Answering “The Big 5” Questions

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The popular quote from one of the most renowned business gurus, Bill Gates, has received so many criticisms, but this doesn’t change the fact that the statement “Content is king” is true. In fact, Andrew Davis opined that content builds relationships, relationships are built on trust, and trust drive revenue.” This clearly shows that the key to winning your potential buyers’ trust is content. Content is the middleman between your business and your potential buyers. As such, content marketing is important in creating a sales strategy that works. When done consistently and correctly, the result is tremendous.

The right content strategy drives more qualified leads and empowers you to close more deals faster.

However, beyond creating awareness, informing, and educating your users, your content should answer the big five questions. What are these big 5?  

There are five categories of questions that people search for when they want to make a significant purchase. They are the major topics as they routinely drive the most leads, traffic, and sales across all industries. The Big five are:

  1. How much does it cost? (Cost/Price)
  2. Which are the best options? (best in category/class)
  3. How does this option compare to others in its class/category? (Comparison)
  4. What are some of the problems with this particular product/solution? (problem)
  5. Are there reviews of this product/company (review)

It is important to create content around these five topics. When you do, you ensure customers easily find the product and services you sell. 

You are Not Maximizing Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing is one of the amazing content strategies that can help fast-track your sales result. It is a marketing strategy that involves creating valuable content that aligns with the needs of your target audience. This type of content easily earns your buyer’s trust as it reveals how well your business can help them solve their needs.

Through your content, you give the customer all the information they need to help them make an informed decision about your product or service. 

Inbound marketing is a powerful tool that can be used to generate quality leads and move prospects through the buying process. It also increases conversion and shortens the sales process. 

You are Not Using Personalized Videos in Your Sales Process 

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How do you feel when you watch a video and your name is mentioned? You feel like the video is directly addressing and communicating with you. Right? This is how your potential buyers feel when you create personalized videos that address their needs and proffer solution. 

Personalized video makes the viewers feel like you are having one-on-one communication with them and make them feel like they matter and are taken care of. 

Personalized videos can be used in different stages of the sales process to build and increase conversation:

  • Prospecting; 
  • Discovery;
  • Proposal;
  • Sales-to-service hand-off.

You Do Not Involve the Key Decision-makers in Your Business

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Identifying the key decision-makers in your business is also an essential factor to consider when creating your sales strategy. Identify the people whose opinions you need to seek to bring the biggest revenue to your business. 

This sales approach can ensure that your sales strategy is properly focused on your target audience. For instance, you are running a B2B and B2c tech company. Among the key people to include in your sales strategy is your user experience specialist. These people liaise directly with the users and have a profound knowledge of their needs. The marketing and sales department should work hand in hand with these key decision-makers when creating the sales strategy. This increases your chances of closing more sales. 

Your Sales and Marketing Teams are Not Working Together 

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Creating a superb sales strategy will be easy when the sales and marketing teams work together. Sales nowadays is a solution-based role, primarily focused on solving the customers’ problems. So, to have a successful sales strategy, you must address the buyer’s pain point and offer solutions that address that pain point.

Your sales team interfaces with your customers and understands what their problems are. They would need to explain these to the marketing team, giving them insight into the kind of content to create to attract relevant and qualified leads.

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