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Being tech-savvy is no longer applied to employees in tech industries. Gone are the days when versatility in tech is based on your profession. Today, with the growing development in technology, having basic tech skills is required to thrive in most jobs and businesses. 

Costis Maglaras once said, “There is no debate as to whether technology is not just an enabler, but is a driver of disruption, of change, of value, within organizations. And as a result, [there] needs to be some core knowledge that people need to bring with them, even if they’re not going to be technologists themselves.” This article examines five basic tech skills you need to excel in your business and job. 

1. Social Media Savviness

Tech skills

Social media savviness might not strike you as one of the important tech skills. However, the different platforms you liaise with as a social media savvy are digital technology. Understanding how to use social media to grow your skills and business is tech. This is because it takes more than just posting to gain followers and grow on any social media platform. Your connections on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can impact your business or job. 

Learning basic social media skills can impact your work life in the long run. 

2. Presentation Skills

Tech Skills

There is hardly any business organization that doesn’t require PowerPoint to present summaries,  briefings, and lectures. Learning basic PowerPoint skills can improve your overall productivity and efficiency at work.

Contrary to popular opinion, PowerPoint presentation is relatively easy. Once you understand how to navigate settings, use colors to highlight keywords, select the right font, and use other valuable tools, you are good to go.  

A few videos on YouTube and reading around PowerPoint can help you learn this basic.  

3. Word Processing 

Tech Skills

This may be one of the most basic tech skills every employee should have. Knowledge of word processing is important in virtually every business sector. At the very least, you should know how to type on Microsoft Word. This can help you transfer information faster than you think, prepare reports, and improve your job performance. 

You should also be conversant with basic formatting actions like bold, italics, headings, fonts, and underlining. YouTube videos and tutorials can help you get started. 

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

Tech Skills

Learning all the basic keyboard shortcuts of your system can improve your job efficiency. Understanding basic keyword combinations like Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V to paste can save you the time it takes to start typing out what you should have copied with these shortcuts. Learning and mastering keyboard shortcuts is easy. A couple of YouTube videos can help you get started.

5. Emailing

Tech Skills

Knowing how to send official emails is a basic tech skill. Email is the first place some customers reach out to a business. With emails, businesses can reach thousands of clients and customers in seconds. 

Also, depending on how the email is crafted, email has proven to be one of the most effective marketing channels. Learning to compose your email, send bulk messages, and reply to emails can thoroughly impact your job and business. 

Beyond these five basic tech skills, keep in mind that there are more intensive and specialized tech skills that you may need as you grow in your career or transition to other roles. If you are an expert in the tech skills mentioned, you can sell them on Kominiti and start a career as a freelancer. Global business owners and professionals on Kominiti constantly hire freelancers for their projects and jobs. 

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