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Andrew has vast experience in delivering solutions to all aspects of IT Development. He has expertly overseen the development of diverse software and ensured that productivity and user satisfaction are guaranteed with every project.

“I had kept my traditional office position for some time until I decided to work remotely. I was contacted by a Lead Developer I had once worked with, and he informed me of a PM role on Kominiti. This timing was absolutely perfect as I had just completed an engagement with a UK-based company.  Ever since I took on the role, I haven’t looked back.”

“As a project manager, I love working with business owners from around the world. I also love hearing their stories and learning about their business, successes, and struggles.” This has allowed me to take on IT Project Development roles such as Project Administration, Business Analysis, QA Testing, Technical Writing, Program Direction, and even development.  It has also allowed me to develop the skills needed to be a project manager widely.”

“I look at each project as a partnership. Business owners are trusting me with their IT projects management and execution. I like to get to know the ‘why’ behind their goals and their users’ expectations, so we can build a product that serves their business and users effectively. I love to be their biggest cheerleader, and the employers on Kominiti have made it easy to do just that.”

“Although I’ve not been able to strictly set my hours because of time zone differences, I now have more time for my family, dogs, and cats.”

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