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Nabil Shad, an excellent QA Expert on Kominiti

Meet Nabil Shad, a Software QA Expert on Kominiti with over seven years of experience. Nabil has expertly monitored the production and implementation of different software applications to meet both the business and users’ goals. “I monitor the diverse phases of software development processes to ensure quality delivery always. I also develop testing programs using my database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, bug retests, usability, and negative testing skills.”

“Working as a freelancer was a decision I made because I love the dynamics of getting new projects and helping clients achieve their goals. I find it very exciting to meet new clients and develop strategies that meet business goals and users’ needs.”

“The best part of working with clients on Kominiti is that each client has unique challenges within their businesses. Understanding their goals and ensuring that every software that is pushed out adequately aligns with their business standards gives me utmost joy.”

“Over time, freelancing has helped me to manage my time effectively. It has also shown me that communication, honesty, and dedication are highly essential.”

“Working on Kominiti is a double opportunity for me. I am a part of the team that ensures the seamless flow of the platform, and I also work as a freelancer for other business owners. One thing I love is the low commission that users enjoy as compared to the other freelance platforms I’ve used. There’s really no use working if the platform will take almost half of my money as their commission.”

If you are looking for an experienced QA Engineer in your software development team, check out Nabil’s profile on

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