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Have you ever wondered how much benefit is in freelancing? You could also be wondering the reason why freelancing has been on the increase lately. Whenever something thrives, the first place to look is the benefits people get from it.

Some years back, should anyone mention the word freelancing, the only thing that immediately came to mind was content writers. The word ‘Freelancer’ was initially used to describe writers who worked from the comfort of their homes. But today, it has become an umbrella term used in defining not just writers but every other skill or craft that is done remotely. What started as a side hustle for many is fast becoming the main job for many people. In a study done by Upwork in 2018, 56.2 million Americans worked as freelancers. This is a 3.7 million increase compared to 52.5 million in 2014. 

These numbers are nothing compared to today as more than 1 billion people (more than 75% of the younger generation) now work as freelancers. You might be wrong if you think freelancing is only for people with one or two skills to sell. This now brings us to the 5 outstanding benefits you stand to gain from freelancing.

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1. You Have Freedom To Choose Your Clients

 Benefits To Choose Your Clients

One of the remarkable benefits freelancers enjoy is the ability to dictate who they want to work with and the number of persons they can work with. Freelancers dictate their clients and the number of clients they can handle per time. They set the price, and the time they would get the job done. This freedom is what makes freelancing a go-to for the younger generation.

2. You Control How You Want To Work

Benefits To Control How You Work

Aside from the freedom to choose the number of clients you want to work with, another freedom freelancers enjoy is the control of their workload. Freelancers determine how they want to schedule their work and time. They have the freedom to consider the number of tasks they can attend to daily to deliver results promptly and effectively. 

3. You Have Flexibility

Benefits of Flexibility

One of the benefits of freelancing is that, unlike a 9-5 job, it is very flexible. You choose the time you want to start working and the time to stop. Even when you have deadlines, you can prioritize your schedule in a way that doesn’t affect your client’s work or personal life. You are not under any office rule controlling how you work and what you deliver. 

4. You Have Independence

Benefits of Independence

Nothing surpasses not depending on anyone for either your monthly payment or leave. As a freelancer who is independent, you can make certain decisions and reap certain benefits without being limited by protocols or structure. You have the ability to set where to work and how to work. You can also take a break when you feel overwhelmed without any fear.

5. You Learn Variety Of Skills

Benefits of Skill Learning

Freelancers are not usually people that put all their eggs in one basket. They explore and, in exploring, master skills that help them to grow. A freelance writer can learn graphic design as a side hustle and start selling this. Most freelance writers do not just work as writers; they also do professional editing and book or product reviews. As a freelancer, you can master and sell a variety of skills. 

Despite the great benefits of working as a freelancer, the challenge most freelancers face is landing gigs consistently. In most cases, promising freelancers give up on their desire to work from home because of this challenge. While many platforms are designed to help freelancers get gigs, most do not give beginners the chance to grow and hone their skills on time. This and many more benefits are what freelancers enjoy today.

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What more?

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