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The word “Six-figure” is sometimes seen as impossible, isn’t it? It may be due to how huge the amount looks to you or even the unemployment rate in your location. But is earning six figures impossible? No! Out there, there are hundreds of people begging for your attention and expertise.

If you are a freelancer, job seeker, or business in search of professional opportunities, you’re at the right place. Kominiti is a global marketplace and professional social space for business owners, freelancers, and professionals. A sure place where you can connect with professionals on a wider scale. On Kominiti, there is a real earning potential that many others have benefitted from.

Let’s hear from two freelancers who found their way to a six-figure income on Kominiti.

Nabil Shad, QA Expert on Kominiti

Nabil Shad, a QA Freelancer on Kominiti

Nabil Shad is a software QA Expert on Kominiti with over seven years of experience. He has expertly monitored the production and implementation of different software applications. “I always monitor the diverse phases of software development processes to ensure quality delivery. I also develop testing programs using my database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, bug retests, usability, and negative testing skills.”

“The best part of working with clients on Kominiti is that each client has unique challenges within their businesses. Understanding their goals and ensuring that every software that is pushed out adequately aligns with their business standards gives me utmost joy.”

“Working on Kominiti is a double opportunity for me. I am a part of the team that ensures the seamless flow of the platform, and I also work as a freelancer for other business owners. I’ve earned over six figures due to my constant and quality delivery. I was shocked the first time I got a good pay on Kominiti, and the income flow has been excellent ever since.”

“I also love the low commission that users enjoy compared to the other freelance platforms I’ve used. There’s no use working if the platform will take almost half of my money as their commission.”

If you are looking for an experienced QA Engineer in your software development team, check out Nabil’s profile on  

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Andrew Brett, Top-Rated Freelance IT Project Manager

Andrew Brett, a Project Manager Freelancer on Kominiti

Andrew Brett is a top-rated project manager who delivers solutions to all aspects of IT Development on Kominiti.

“I had kept my traditional office position for some time until I decided to work remotely. I was contacted by a Lead Developer I had once worked with, and he informed me of a PM role on Kominiti. This timing was absolutely perfect as I had just completed an engagement with a UK-based company. Ever since I took on the role, I haven’t looked back.”

“About earning in six figures, it’s always such a delight! Kominiti has given me that opportunity and I’m indeed grateful. My opinion is this, as long as you make your clients happy, you can be sure of your craft and the charge your worth. Business owners will always adjust their budget just for your skills.”

“As a project manager, I love working with business owners from around the world. I also love hearing their stories and learning about their business, successes, and struggles. This has allowed me to take on IT Project Development roles such as Project Administration, Business Analysis, QA Testing, Technical Writing, Program Direction, and even Development. It has also allowed me to widely develop the skills needed to be a project manager.”

“I look at each project as a partnership. Business owners are trusting me with their IT project management and execution. I like to get to know the ‘why’ behind their goals and their users’ expectations, so we can build a product that serves their business and users effectively. I love to be their biggest cheerleader, and the employers on Kominiti have made it easy to do just that.”

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