4 Easy Giveaway Strategies to Attract More Leads




Everybody loves gifts. This is why giveaway is one of the easiest ways to attract more customers and grow your brand awareness. Giveaway is the act of giving out products for free, especially after massive sales or during a launch, to attract more customers. This technique encourages both existing customers and attracts new ones. 

However, if giveaways are not effectively implemented correctly, they can affect a company’s overall productivity and growth. This article explains 4 simple strategies businesses can use to make their giveaway convert.



There is no such thing as a successful giveaway that happened by chance. As such, planning is the first step in ensuring that the program achieves your primary goal. Planning helps you to know the strategies that would work and those that wouldn’t.

Some of the things you would include in your plans are the target audience that would participate in the program, method of qualification, product and price. 

Also, during the planning process, ensure you get advice from business professionals who have done this before. This will help you to gather more knowledge and gain a better understanding of how to approach the program.

Set a time limit.


Giveaways are not something that runs over a long period. Unless you have a lot of products to feature in the program, it is not advisable to allow this to run over a week. Even within this time frame, not everyone who participates will benefit. Also, you don’t want to give out your product and in turn run a loss. 

Set a specific timeframe for the program. This would help to avoid unnecessary questions from customers. 

Review the social media platforms.


Typically, every platform has its own guidelines for running a giveaway. The techniques that work for Instagram might not work for Facebook. What works for LinkedIn might not work for Kominiti. As such, checking this ahead of time allows you to adjust your language to the appropriate pitch for each social media platform. When you do this, everything about the competition runs smoothly.

Never assume you can use the same pattern for every platform.

Tie your giveaway to your brand.


 “The best contests feature awards that tie directly back to the firm itself,” says Jay Baer, the founder of Convince & Convert. When deciding on a giveaway price, ensure it aligns with your brand. This helps to increase the winner’s appreciation of the giveaway.

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