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One of the challenges freelancers are constantly faced with is getting steady jobs. As a freelancer, you always have to seek out new employers to maintain a consistent source of income. To overcome this challenge, we provide simple and effective steps to get jobs on Kominiti.  

Without looking too hard, you can find employers and get jobs as you want when you follow the steps highlighted below.

1. Update your Profile

The first thing anyone connecting with you on any social media platform would do is find out more about you through your profile information. If your profile information is not detailed enough, you might lose a potential client in the process. 

On Kominiti, your profile information includes a clear professional image and header, a catchy About Me that sells your skills and expertise, detailed information on your current contact, and brief background details. 

After filling out your profile information, create deals related to your skill for business owners on the platform to bid on.

2. On the Kominiti homepage, click Hot Deals.

Capture 6

3. Click Create a Deal

Capture 9

Note: creating a Deal is the same as creating a gig with details of your skill, experience, and the price you are willing to sell for. This way, business owners on the platform can easily place a bid on your Deal in the Hot Deals section

4. Fill out all the details in each section, starting from Overview to Preview & Submit

Hot Deals 8

Note: You can create more than one Deal using the same account.

5. Connect and Engage 

Although creating a “Deal,” makes it easy for potential clients or business owners to bid on your skill and patronize you, to fast-track the process, you should maximize the social space. Share content around your experience and skills, connect with users on the platform, and engage with content from other users. 

When you follow these steps diligently, in no time, you will start landing clients.

To get started on Kominiti, go to www.kominiti.com

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure

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