How to Create a Business Card on Kominiti




Do you know that as a registered business owner on Kominiti, you can design a personal business card and share this with as many that reach out to you on the platform? Doubt it? Follow the steps highlighted below to complete the process: 

1. Login to your account

business card

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 2. On the homepage, click on your profile image and select View Profile.

business card

3. Select Edit Card 

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4. Fill out the necessary details and click Save to go to the next stage

YG9HzSrLa3h3uWnDtMxooJQq1feJz2WOpASypmpA UHVSdQuWVVKEAdtuncHfc8yTvgEgtH6VI9B9BQ4uGY7588Hp IZiJQZrH4jPw1 6zw8oynrmYryYgMLo18JTKMEA rAbbMoQiooGiq0iA

5. Fill out the details in the second stage and click Save to submit

You have successfully created an online professional business card for your business transactions. 

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