Job Vacancy: Mobile App Developer





Job type: Full-time(on-site)

Experience level: Mid level 

Role: Mobile App Developer

Preferred candidate: Female

We are looking for experienced mobile app developers who can build native mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms. You will be responsible for building compelling and highly performant mobile applications for a great user experience.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design, build and maintain React Native applications on multiple platforms.
  • Integrate mobile applications with native APIs.
  • Analyze and enhance the performance of the applications.
  • Write automated tests for quality assurance.
  • Diagnose and fix bugs in the application.
  • Build pixel-perfect user interfaces across multiple platforms.

Required Skills

  • Professional experience working on fast-scaling and complex web and mobile solutions
  • Track record of developing, testing, publishing, and maintaining the full lifecycle of mobile applications built in React Native for iOS and Android
  • Familiarity with native development tools, like Xcode, Android Studio, Gradle, Android or iOS SDK, and automation tools (e.g., fast lane, Detox, Jest, Mocha, etc.)
  • Experience with document request models, REST APIs, and offline storage mechanisms
  • Knowledge of debugging dependency conflicts and third-party libraries
  • Sound knowledge of Functional/Object-Oriented programming paradigms
  • Knowledge of source control systems (Git, Merging, Branching, Pull Requests, etc.)

To apply for this role, follow the link below

Make sure you mention other frameworks or knowledge essential to mobile app developer in your application. 

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