What is Personal Branding?




Have you ever typed and searched for your name on Google to get a glimpse of what your online presence looks like? 

If your name appears on the first, second, or third list of your search, this indicates that you are doing well with your personal branding. However, if you are not on the first 3 searches, then you should up your branding. But before suggesting the ways to go about this, let’s first define what personal branding is. 

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding

Personal branding is the process of creating an online identity by promoting yourself or your business on social media platforms. It is how you behave, conduct yourself, and present your story online. Personal branding differentiates a person or business from others on the same social media platforms. 

Everyone has a personal brand. Your attitude, character, conduct, and skill sum up how people perceive and relate to you. Taking cognizance of this and determining how people perceive you can help you sell a good identity and influence your network. 

Professionally, your personal branding is your overall image. This goes from your picture on your social media platforms to how the media portray you and the impression of you people get from your posts and comments. 

Why You Should Take Your Personal Branding Seriously?

Personal branding

1. To create the right first impression

Among the benefits of the internet is that it makes it easy for people to get information enough to create a first impression of you. As such, you want to be sure that whatever impression is being presented is the right one. Branding yourself helps to present the right first impression.

2. To different you from others

Personal branding helps you to highlight your strength, skills, experience, attitude, character, and conduct. With your uniqueness defined, you stand out.

Your personal branding can make or break your career.

3. Open doors to opportunity

When people perceive you in a positive light, they constantly engage with your content and posts. This helps to grow your network. In no time, brand and businesses start reaching out to you as ambassadors or influencers for their business. 

Also, a good personal branding can enhance your skills, improve your business and grow your network/connections.

4. Easily earn people’s trust

When you maintain a well-defined and consistent look in your picture, post and comments online, this shapes how you are perceived. Also, it help you build trust with your audience. The more you are consistent with your image, the more people feel like they know you and can trust you. 

With personal branding, you become an authority in your field. 

How to Get started with your personal branding

Personal branding
  1. Start by cleaning up your social media accounts. This allow you to control what happens in your space, who you are connected to and who connects with you.
  2. Clear up offensive or negative posts.
  3. Select a good image that fits into the kind of person you want to portray.
  4. Connect with people that fits into your image, read their posts, comment and learn.
  5. Start showcasing yourself with your posts and comments.
  6. Be consistent.

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