How to Create a Wallet Account on Kominiti




Kominiti is a global professional platform designed for economical and social networking. Users on the platform connect with other professionals for gigs, contracts, and business solutions. 

However, all transactions on Kominiti are carried out using the wallet account. To create one, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Kominiti account.

2. Click on the image icon on the right corner to view options.

  1. Select Settings and privacy.

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  1. On the redirected page, scroll down and click on the link below My wallet. 
  1. Select the text, mail, or call option to receive a verification code.
  1. Input the code and Verify

  1. Once verified, your wallet account page would be displayed. Here you can withdraw, charge and perform other available transactions on the wallet page. 

You have successfully created your wallet account on Kominiti. Click here to learn more about how to pay and withdraw from your account. 

Kominiti is simple, safe and secured.

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