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Questions! Questions! Questions! Asking questions will never be too much. Not in this world or the next. As a business owner who needs to hire, you would agree that one of the best ways to fast-track your business productivity is to outsource some of the crucial jobs that need to be done. The best way to outsource is to get freelancers to handle this. While this is a good move, there are different cases of business owners who outsource some of their jobs to freelancers only to get an unsatisfactory return.

To avoid this, what are the questions to ask to avoid putting your project at risk or even getting scammed? This article examines the five crucial questions to ask before hiring any freelancer.

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1. What Is Their Previous Work Like?

What Is Their Previous Work Like? Question

Before hiring and trusting your job in the hands of any freelancer, it is good to be convinced that they can do the job. One of the ways to go about this is to ask for previous work or portfolio. Once the freelancer sends you links or pictures to their previous works, do not hesitate to check them out. Be thorough with your evaluation to be sure that such a person will do a good job. If there is any need, don’t forget to ask questions where you deem fit.

2. What Are People Saying About Them?

What Are People Saying About Them? Question

Looking out for previous reviews is one way to go. Reviews from 3 to 5 stars depict excellence, and if otherwise, this could be a sign of incompetence. As such, look out for the freelancer’s previous reviews to see what people are saying. Beyond this, please pay attention to comments about the freelancer before hiring. This would give you tremendous insight into the freelancer’s skills and expertise.

3. Can They Handle Constructive Criticism?

Can They Handle Constructive Criticism? Question

After scrutinizing and ensuring that all qualifications have been met, look again. Before you proceed with hiring them, there is something you might have missed. How well does the freelancer take constructive criticism? Do they feel you can’t make corrections the way you want them? This might be a sign to reconsider your offer.

Notwithstanding, it is essential to note that not all reactions to constructive criticism are bad; some might simply indicate the person’s expertise and experience. In situations like this, you have to listen to them. Paying attention to reactions like this will go a long way for you.

4. How Well Do They Collaborate?

How Well Do They Collaborate? Question

Before hiring, raise questions that will help you know how good the freelancer is at collaborating with others. Also, look closely at how well they use collaborative tools. By this, tools like Asana, Slack, and Google Docs come into play. Knowledge of tools like this helps to build an online team spirit and makes the work easier and more profound. Ensure the freelancer knows how to use at least one of these tools, among other relevant software applications. 

5. Will They Deliver Quality Results?

Will They Deliver Quality Results? Question

Most times, the reason why freelancers deliver below expectation is because of their attitude to the job. Many freelancers handle the job with a transactional mindset. This shows in some freelance writers’ deliveries having spelling errors and freelance designers’ jobs splattered with mistakes. Look for someone who handles the job with good attention to detail.

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