3 Great Platforms Entrepreneurs can Find Freelancers.




Have you ever tried looking for freelancers online, and somehow you couldn’t find someone with the exact level of competence you wanted? 

Freelancing is fast gaining ground as more and more people keep embracing the freedom that comes with this method of doing business. One reason for this is that it is entirely different from physical jobs. The freelancer determines the time and clients they want to work with and does not necessarily have to see or know the clients. 

However, as beautiful as freelancing is, it is easy for both business owners and freelancers to fall for scammers. If you are a business owner wondering how you can avert the chances of falling for scammers by getting the best hands for your job, this article examines three great platforms to help you achieve this. 

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Although LinkedIn was not designed as a freelancer platform, it has grown to be one of the best professional platforms out there. Aside from the fact that there are thousands of freelancers registered on it, it is a great place to look for competent freelancers who can handle your job. This is because LinkedIn has a resume profile pattern that allows you to see a user’s experience and reviews before deciding whether or not to employ them. 

All you need to do is go to the search area on the platform and type in the profession or skill you need. A couple of people in line with your search will pop up. Go through their profile. Check out for reviews from people who have once worked with them; check out for qualifications and experience. In no time, you will find the best person for your project. 



Fiverr is one of the platforms created specifically for freelancers and service buyers. As such, it is a viable place to search for freelancers of all kinds. However, because of the thousands of freelancers registered on the platform, it is important to carefully check every important detail before employing anyone from the platform. 

Make sure you check if the freelancer you want to employ on the platform is one with reviews matching your expectations for the job. This would help gauge your expectations of the freelancer’s performance. 



One of the best platforms to source for professional freelancers and to grow your brand’s visibility is Kominiti. The platform is designed so that once you are logged in, the numerous benefits are laid out for you. If you want to hire freelancers on the platform, simply go to the hot deal feature and check out gigs matching your project requirements.

Aside from this, you can type out the skill needed for your project in the search section; when you do, the platform will immediately suggest some users that match your request. Go through their profiles and ratings and select the best one for your job. 

Another great way you can source freelancers on Kominiti is to post the details of the project on the marketplace and have freelancers bid on your project. This feature doesn’t just help you land freelancers on time; it can also help you compare and choose the best hand. You can see this as a job application where the best get the job. What more?

Kominiti users’ vetting process helps to rule out the chances of falling for scammers. Both buyers and sellers on the platform are thoroughly vetted to ensure that both parties are duly satisfied. 

Don’t forget that, like every other professional platform, you’ll need to create an account on Kominiti to enjoy its countless benefits. Simply go to www.kominiti.com 

Kominiti is simple, safe, and secure.

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